Adie Dove says Bodmin's young people have reached crisis point

When we started planning this project, we talked to people who were already providing effective help and support to Bodmin's youngsters. One of those people was Adie Dove, who founded KBSK Performing Arts in 2012 , when she was only 15 years old. Now KBSK is a CIC with a team of people who provide the outlet of dance and drama to around 100 young people.

Adie told us "“We have reached what I would consider to be crisis point for many of our young people. Statistics show the horrific evidence of suicide and self harm. Working with young people for ten years I have know how VITAL it is to provide an outlet and what significant positive impacts a safe space and a focus can have, resulting in improved stability and mental health and healthy redirection"

Adie is working with us on the Brighter Future Fundraiser and will be one of the people on our competition judging panel. She welcomes what we are trying to do and said "Fundraisers and projects like Brighter Future are so vital for our community. Our youth are the future and so many are in such pain. We can turn this around and by working together we CAN have an impact”

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