Raising funds for a Brighter Future 

The Brighter Future Fundraiser (BFF) is a Bodmin Rotary Club initiative that combines a competition to showcase the creative talents of the youngsters in Bodmin and the raising of funds to help disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in Bodmin have the opportunity of a brighter future.

There are, sadly, many young people in Bodmin who, for many reasons, will struggle to make the most of their potential. Without the right support and encouragement they will reach adulthood without the sense of self-belief and the skills they need to make the most of life's opportunities. They are also at a higher risk of criminal and anti-social behaviour and substance abuse.  

The negative impact of the Covid pandemic is expected to worsen their prospects. It is recognised that those living in areas with high levels of deprivation, such as three of Bodmin’s neighbourhoods, are likely to suffer more than others. It is also predicted that young people will be disproportionately affected by high levels of unemployment resulting from Covid, as they are often working in the sectors among the worst affected, such as retail and hospitality. The incidence of mental health issues is also expected to increase.  

The funds raised by the Brighter Future Fundraiser will be used to help existing organisations already providing support and encouragement to youngsters. We will also be exploring more ways to provide safe, positive, inclusive activities for children and young people. The funds can enable our young people to be given more opportunities to express themselves, to learn new skills, and have meaningful contact with people willing and able to provide guidance and support. 

Funds will be raised in a number of ways. Firstly, through the sale of merchandise that will feature the images of the winning entries from the competition.  All profit from the sale of the merchandise will be used to create a Brighter Future for Bodmin’s young people. The merchandise will also be used as rewards in an accompanying rewards -based Crowdfund campaign.  

It is with the greatest regret that we have decided to postpone the Bodmin Brighter Future competition until the Autumn of 2021. With the lockdown, closure of schools, uncertainty surrounding the new variant and the rapid increase in Cornwall’s infection rates it is impossible to make plans and we have no idea what the next few months have in store.


The competition needs to have the active engagement of schools and parents and  because of all the extra work and challenges they are facing, now is not a good time for them to have anything more to deal with. Leaving it until the autumn will hopefully give us the best chance to roll the competition out and make it the roaring success we need to raise funds to help Bodmin’s children and young people build a brighter future.


But just because we can’t run this competition yet, doesn’t mean we can’t do anything. We know that the poorest families have been hit hardest by previous lockdowns and this one will undoubtedly exacerbate these problems.


We have already started contacting grassroots leaders and organisations to discuss working together to raise funds for any specific emergency needs arising from this lockdown. The focus will still be on children and young people so if you know of any specific needs, have a fundraising idea or would just like to chat about this and get involved in raising funds for young people in Bodmin please get in touch with us at info@bodminbrighterfuture.org

The Competition

The competition will be open to all youngsters, aged 5 – 24, living and/or studying in Bodmin and surrounding parishes.  There will be no entry fee. The competition was going to  open for entries for six weeks from the middle of January 2021 but we have postponed this now until the Autumn of 2021.

The competition has two purposes, to showcase the creative talents of Bodmin's young people and to provide images to create the merchandise to be sold and used as rewards for the Crowdfund campaign we will run in April 2021.  

To avoid disruption to the competition because of Covid restrictions, entries will be submitted digitally onto this website.  


There are four age group categories 5-7, 8-11, 12--16 and 17-24 years.  Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries in each age group. 


The themes we have chosen reflect both Bodmin’s Dark Past and a Brighter Future. The ‘Beast of Bodmin’ is the theme for the two primary school age groups. The older age groups will have the choice of ‘Freedom and captivity’ and ‘The Bright Side’.


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Our sponsors

We are very grateful to our sponsors


Bodmin Jail Hotel and Resort

Leigh Frost, Cornwall Councillor for Bodmin St Petroc, Community Chest Fund 

Celtic Produce